The Signature Facial $85.00

This custom treatment can be modified to offer skin enhancing solutions for a variety of skin types and conditions such as dehydration, oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin.

The Express Facial $69.00

This facial will target your skins concerns and give you a glow all in 30 minutes. Perfect for teens.

The Curative Acne Facial $95.00

This treatment is recommended for skin types that suffer from breakouts and blemishes. It unblocks follicle openings, thoroughly cleansing the skin to prevent future breakouts. Eliminating bacteria trapped in the pores and calms redness.

The Firming Age Defying Facial $115.00

This Anti-Aging treatment reduces the signs of aging by strengthening collagen fibers and tightening and toning the skin. Powerful antioxidants fight against free radical damage. Results are immediate and long lasting.

The Curative Sinus Relief Facial $115.00

This wellness treatment reduced facial swelling, puffy eyes, dark circles, sinus pain and pressure. It deeply cleanses the skin while simultaneously cleansing the sinus cavity. Lymphatic drainage massage releases trapped fluids. Cool stones can be added at no additional charge.

Microdermabrasion $120.00/only $60.00 when done with a facial treatment

Known as the lunchtime peel, this treatment offers real results without surgery. Visibly removes fine lines, age spots, blackheads and scars. This can be used on the face, neck, chest and back. Recommended protocol of 6 weekly treatments over 6-8 weeks.

Root Cause Wellness Consultation: $50.00

This in depth consultation will address the real reason you may be suffering from certain skin disorders including rosacea, acne, dry skin, wrinkles and will also explain certain body conditions such as hormonal weight gain, cellulite, swollen feet, tired legs, abdominal bloating, psoriasis and eczema. A wellness program will be outlined at the conclusion of the consultation. Treatment booked at the time of appointment will receive $50.00 credit towards treatments scheduled.

Detoxifying Body Wrap $125.00, $75.00 Partial

This wellness treatment addresses the root cause of hormonal weight gain, cellulite and toxins that have collected within the connective tissues of the body. By addressing the causes externally as well as internally, the skin is smoothed, inches are lost and water retention is greatly improved. A detox program will be outlined for the best results.

Re-mineralizing Body Wrap $125.00 Full, $75.00 Partial

This wellness treatment can be used on the whole body or locally to target specific areas such as inner upper arms, inner thighs, breasts and abdomen. It will firm and tighten the skin by elasticizing the tissues and increases the skins ability to hold moisture. A light aromatherapy massage ends this wonderful treatment.

Acne Back Treatment $95.00

This targeted treatment is great for people who suffer with back acne. A deep cleansing of the area will unblock the follicles and eliminate bacteria preventing future breakouts. Skin is re-mineralized and dehydrated, redness is reduced. A light massage ends this therapeutic treatment.

Enzymatic Body Peel $95.00

For chronically dry flaky skin. This non abrasive body peel is perfect for people with sensitive dry skin. Fruit enzymes digest dull dry skin cells revealing healthy younger skin. A light massage will finish this indulgent treatment.

Sea Salt Body Glow $95.00

This stimulating exfoliant polishes away dull surface skin, breaking down the build up of waxes from soaps, detergents and lotions. It will increase circulation and help prevent ingrown hairs. Recommended before any sunless tanning treatments.